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Want to give the gift of the Air Show, but not sure what to buy? Purchase an Air Show Gift Certificate and give them the choice! Gift certificates are digital and delivered to recipients by email and contain redemption instructions for checkout. No additional processing fees. Not valid on the purchase of Air Show tickets.


Why we are here... And we are not going away!


Over the past two years we have been hit by unprecedented obstacles to producing your Air Show. It is for the fans that we do this. We are a not-for-profit Association purely existing to continue the tradition of Air Shows in Atlantic Canada that dates back decades. We have endured loss of home, last minute disasters and challenging weather over the years. Click here for the full story.


There are times when the needs of the community out strip the goals of our event. We aim to Honour, Educate, Entertain and Inspire. But when the health of our fans, performers or volunteers is at risk, we are quick to stand down and think about next time. With two seasons lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are wanting you to know that we are not going away.


This store is a symbol of our determination to stay in your mind as your air show. To launch our new brand that captures our maritime spirit and heritage; and to give you a chance to wear, share and promote our name as we keep planning for 2022. We hope you will find something you like, share the site with your friends and support us as we push forward with you fans foremost in our minds.